;author Philip Thorne
;name   TrItE Fighter
;strategy John Metcalf's Spring/Summer 2002 Tournament - Round 3
;strategy Stone/Clear. Stone is Wayne Sheppard's No Ties Allowed
;strategy with 3 processes. Clear is David Moore's from PacMan
;strategy acts like a mod-5-ish stone initially as uses NTA's
;strategy gate as a ptr.
;strategy Round 3 seems designed to favour agressive warriors so
;strategy I'm thinking only of stones, papers and vamps - they
;strategy get the most wins vs DM's 88 benchmark so I'm using a
;strategy cut-down version with just these warriors types. I'm
;strategy confident the evolvers will all be stones so won't try
;strategy a scanner - plus papers are hopefuly too drawish to be
;strategy in the mix. Most aggresive stones I found were PacMan
;strategy and BackStabber but I left things to late hence NTA.
;assert (CORESIZE==8000)

STEP    equ 2234        ;NTA orig - not designed for -c 800000

BOFF    equ 333
COFF    equ ((Clear-Stone)+BOFF-2+STEP+cp)
BOOT    equ (Stone-BOFF)
COOT    equ (Clear-COFF)

CSTART  equ (BOOT-(COOT+cp)+4000)
cp      equ 12

D   for 100-27
        spl   D+CURLINE,  #1

;No Ties Allowed stone
        mov   -1,         0
Stone:  mov   <21,        1+STEP
        sub   1,          -1
        jmp   -2,         <-STEP

;PacMan-ish clear
Clear:  mov   dbmb+2,     <Stone+2-STEP-BOFF+COFF
        jmp   -1,         <-12
dbmb:   dat   <2667,      #-cp

bust:   mov   <2663,      <2663     ;DM anti-crashing-imp idea
boot:   mov   Stone+2,    BOOT+2
        mov   Stone+1,    <boot
        mov   Stone,      <boot
        mov   Stone-1,    <boot
        mov   bust,       Stone+2-BOFF-STEP+4

cboot:  mov   Clear+1,    COOT+1
        mov   Clear,      <cboot
        mov   dbmb,       COOT+4
        mov   #CSTART,    COOT+cp
        mov   bust,       COOT+cp+4

        spl   COOT,       <cboot

start:  spl 1
        spl 1
        jmp   @route,     <route

route:  dat   #0,         #loc

        jmp   Stone+2-BOFF
        jmp   Stone+1-BOFF
        jmp   Stone-BOFF
loc:    jmp   Stone-1-BOFF

    end boot