Notes on Toxic Spirit Below is Toxic Spirt, a 1-Shot scanner, which was on the 94NOP hill where it survived to age 685 (including KOTH when 1 and 500) before falling in Oct '04. I'd been holding back publishing in the hope that an improved version would surpass it but the strategic weakness on the 94NOP hill that it exploited faded in 2005/6. I wrote the forerunner of these notes in 2007 intending to publish then but held off when the stronger 'tetht' (Toxic Spirit II) suprised me by briefly reaching the top of the 94NOP hill before dying aged 61.

Toxic was inspired in part by Kline's RetroQ, an anti-Q^2 scanner that took advantage of identical Q^2 scan code in several warriors of the time (details in CoreWarrior 54). In '02/'03 the hill was dominated by warriors with similar Q3 quick-scans tacked onto their ends. Christian, in particular, dominated the hill with warriors of this type many of them (unbooted) papers which he was popularizing/researching at the time. It also turned out that the long-lived scanners, Blade & Claw, were fronted by quick-scans ;)

The strategy used was to do a "quick", coarse, scan using a conventional scanner to locate QS code, sabotage it with spl's & jmps, then start clearing approx MAXLENGTH before it. I tried both jmz.f and sne.i scans. The most informative of the former was LuckyLuke because it successfully used a mod-20 scan and had the useful property, for a 1-shot, of having a varying step size which gives some resistance to decoys.

The strategy worked because the size/speed & duration ratio was better than it's opponents QSs + warrior-bodies. Co-incidentally the introduction of the "Q4^5" by Hurkyl should have helped but was accompanied with a swing to more stone-imps and booted papers (e.g. Revenge of the Papers was troublesome as Toxic wasted too much time on the decoy). Imps/Stones were always a problem, including as Grabun found to his joy, simple one-line imps. This is a feature of the otherwise wonderful SSD clear I took from Geist but which seems to have predated it (e.g Moore's G2). The clear is stable, fast and easily tunable for longer/shorter SPL runs.

Toxic Spirit, most successful: ToxicSpirit
Hungry Jack had some technical improvements and is imp-safe. HungryJack
Toxic Spirit II, faster. ToxicSpiritII