Welcome. This is a lightweight portal about Corewars, the computer simulation game of strategy played between two or more warriors (aka computer programs) hand-crafted using Redcode - an assembly-like programming language.

For full information, hills, links and the pmars simulator see John Metcalf's portal and/or Fizmo's Corewar Info.

The CoreWar Tiny Stone Challenge, organised by inversed is In Progress, ending May 9th.
Participants can submit up to one warrior per day, with a maximum of three active warriors.

The Valentine Tournament 2015, organised by John Metcalf
Was won by Steve Gunnell ahead of inversed and Roy van Rijn
Steve also won the prize for highest scoring warrior in the qualifier.

The Halloween 2014 Tournament, organised by John Metcalf
Was won by inversed 45 points ahead of 2nd placed Roy van Rijn.
inversed also had the highest scoring vampire of this vampire-themed tournament.

The Spring 2014 Core War Tournament, organised by John Metcalf, (30 years after A K Dewdney's 1984 Scientific American article),
Was won by Gérman Labarga who had the highest overall score.
Category winners were: inversed (large core), Roy van Rijn (standard) and Gérman Labarga (tiny)

Was won by inversed followed by Roy van Rijn & Zul Nadzri

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